About Us

Our furniture is designed and manufactured in our workshop located on idyllic Great Barrier Island in the Hauraki Gulf, Auckland, New Zealand.

Wind and solar power runs our machinery, making our workshop as eco-friendly as possible.

We support the multi-award winning charity Sustainable Coastlines and work with them to constantly improve our manufacturing processes with a focus on zero waste and using sustainably sourced materials. The kwila we use is “verified legal” by Double Helix Tracking Technologies ref 0046 – CD010 and approved by Greenpeace.

Our outdoor range uses h3 treated exterior ply which can also be used on interior furniture if required.

Interior furniture frames are made from Old Man Pine, a noxious & invasive species of pine common on Great Barrier Island. We use only the first grades, high tannin cores for furniture. After these tress are removed they are replaced with native New Zealand species.

In 2019 Great Barrier Furniture supported the replanting of 1500 trees in association with Sustainable Coastlines.

Shipping is free of charge anywhere in greater Auckland, NZ & we can deliver world wide.

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