4.5 Seater Couch

Coastal 4.5 seater in sunbrella Charcoal marine & awning outdoor fabric.

This couch is photographed with Kwila arms.

Other wood options are available, such as Vitex, a blonde decking grade timber.

Made oversize, this stunning piece can be used as day bed, or simply seat taller / larger person in comfort.

Dimensions: 2980cm x 915cm

Sunbrella details can be viewed on www.sunbrella.com/warranty

Selection of colours can be viewed on Topfab’s website.

Free shipping to greater Auckland.

The frames are made from structural ply, then resin infused to seal out any moisture.

We can also confirm that the kwila we use on the arms is “verified legal” by Double Helix Tracking Technologies ref 0046 – CD010 and approved by Greenpeace.